Dear Angling Friends!


szucs_lajosFrom 2016 January 1, a new era started in Hungarian sport fishing. Due to the favorable new legal environment, commercial fisheries have ceased to exist in the state-owned natural waters, while the National Federaton of Hungarian Anglers (MOHOSZ), which was significantly transformed and expanded in its tasks, became the tenant of most water areas until 2030. By the beginning of 2017, the number of registered anglers increased to 400,000 by nearly 80,000 people. MOHOSZ compiled the currently 28 county associations, about 1,200 fishing clubs and 13 special state companies, including the Balaton and the Lake Tisza.

Sport fishing, was not eliminated by positive changes. There is ample calm to the fact that the future of national sport fishing, the economic background of a stable state and competitive support background, seems to be assured thanks to the transformation of the "Hungarian Team" support system, which has started it’s third season. I would like to point out that our sports budget can fully cover the costs of traveling, accomodation, and other expanses for the competitors, and the accompanyng persons.


The success of the Hungarian fishing sport and especially the competitors are proving that over the past decade Hungary won nearly 70 medals at the European and World Championships, competing with the most successful national sports. Perhaps these successes are due to the fact that the International Sport Fishing Confederation has favorably judged our tenders, so after several years of skipping Hungary, the renewed MOHOSZ can recreate sport fishing world competitions. Between 2016 August 26 and 27, in Szolnok, on the Alcsi-szigeti Holt-Tisza, 24th Women's World Championships will take place, then between September 20 and 23, we are organizing the 19th Carp fishing world championship at Kaposvár, lake Deseda. Both sites are traditional for fishing and hospitality, and I hope that this will be proven to everyone in practice. I’m  thankful for the decision and trust, as well as for the Ministry of Human Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture (FM) and the National Sports Federation. I am pleased to announce that the patrons of World Championships are President Dr. János Áder, and Minister Dr. Sándor Fazekas (FM).

Dear Competitors!

Every competition, including a world championship, is about you, your real achievement and its community recognition and mutual respect. I know that there is a great deal of sacrifice and consistent work behind the accomplished performance, in most cases coupled with positive human qualities and direct community contact capabilities. I think that this is why, and not just because of the glittering of a medal, every beginner's model can be used by all the anglers and those who are interested in fishing.

We look forward to welcoming you in Hungary!

Dr. Lajos Szűcs

President of MOHOSZ






From: Sunday 17 SEP 2017 (arrival of teams)

To: Sunday 24 SEP 2017 (departure of teams)




Location: Hungary, Kaposvár, Lake Deseda


GPS: 46°24'25.0"N 17°49'08.3"E


Lake Deseda, one of the longest artificial lakes in Hungary, is situated amid the rolling knolls of the Transdanubian Hills of Hungary. The lake was created in 1975 by damming an 8 km section of the stream called Deseda in the valley. The lake and its surroundings have since become a popular hiking and recre- ation area, which provides an excellent place for angling and gardening for the inhabitants of Kaposvár. To meet the needs of tourism, the Town Assembly of Kaposvár (Town of County Rank) issued a local decree in 1994, which pronounced the 1112 ha area to be locally protected under the name of ”Lake Deseda and its surroundings”. Lake Deseda is a popular fishing place and beauty spot. GPS: 46°24'25.0"N 17°49'08.3"E


The competition coarse has a lenght of around 8,000 metres and a width of around 200 – 400 metres. Depending on the actual water level, the depth of the water around 3 - 3,5 metres.




Competition venue map:




The main fish species to be caught are:


Carp 1,5 – 20 kg


Grass carp 5 – 20+ kg




Angler Shops


Kapos Horgász Centrum

7400, Kaposvár, Füredi út 53. (volt Leányotthon épülete)

telefon: +36 20 / 563 - 4562

Open: Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00, Saturday: 08:00 - 12:00


Teleki Horgászbolt

7400, Kaposvár, Teleki udvar

Horváth Tibor, +36302271903

Open: Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 17:00, Saturday: 08:00 - 12:00


Pékó Béla horgászboltja

Kaposfüred, Pavilon sor 4.

Open: 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00, Saturday: 08:00 - 12:00




The competition venue is located on the territory of Kaposvár, a city of about 70,00 citizens.

Kaposvár is the 2013 winner of the competition launched by the European Committee called EDEN (European Destination of ExcelleNce), which focused on accessible tourism. Kaposvár also got Special Mention in the European Committee’s Access City Award for its commitment to accessibility.

Our city lying in a picturesque hill-country in the middle of South-Transdanubia is of human scale, liveable and loveable. Its mood is based on ordered environment, flowers, fountains and public sculptures. Additional to the cultural heritage we are proud of Lake Deseda and its surroundings established barely more than four decades ago. Owing to the recent developments this natural treasure has become attractive both for the inhabitants of Kaposvár and the guests arriving to us.

How to arrive:

Kaposvár is about 200 km far from Budapest, capital of Hungary.

It is about 50 km far from the highway M7.


Róma                                                                Budapest     1.200 Km

Párizs                                                                Budapest     1.500 Km

Szófia                                                                Budapest     800 Km

Kijev                                                                  Budapest     1.100 Km

Berlin                                                                Budapest     900 Km



By flight:

Coming from the Airport of Budapest (Liszt Ferenc)

Budapest – Kaposvár (2 hours 17 minutes (216 km))

Budapest, 1185 Liszt Ferenc Airport

Get on Route 4

Follow M0 and M7 to Kőröshegy. Take exit 121from M7

Take Kossuth Lajos u., Kapoly puszta, Petőfi Sándor u., Fő u. and Kossuth Lajos u. to your destination in Kaposvár






By car:

Kaposvár – Deseda Angler Center (D.A.C.), GPS: 46°24'25.0"N 17°49'08.3"E (15 perc (8,2 km))


in the direction of east: Tallián Gyula köz, Tallián Gyula u. irányába (38 m)

Turn lefz, on the next street: Tallián Gyula u. (600 m)

Turn right on the next street: Árpád u./610. út (1,3 km)

Turn left, on the next street: Guba Sándor u. (2,9 km)

Follow the road until: Toponári út (1,8 km)

Turn left, and the goal will on the right side (1,5 km)


Deseda Angler Center (D.A.C.) – angler sectors


Sector A (15 perc (11,5 km))             Sector B (18 perc (9,7 km)                Sector C (7 perc (3,9 km))



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