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"Nice lake and good carps" – People Will Be Talking About This Competition For A Long Time To Come


…It’s true even if the World Championship is on our doorstep.
An abundance of carps, a cold front and competitiors from more countries than ever: this is what characterized Deseda Open this year.


The competition drew an incredible 53 teams from 17 countries – including the host country. Several of them having arrived the previous week in Kaposvár to get acquainted with the lake, train and try out different techniques.


There are few anglers in Hungary who don’t know that the 19th World Championship will be held at Deseda in the last but one week of this September. Still, lots of them were surprised by the increased interest of the many foreign teams.


"Nice lake, good and strong carps..." – was the overall impression of the foreign competitors about the lake.  They retained their opinion even after the end of the competition – irrespective of their final ranking.

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Indeed, a cold front moving through the area with a line of showers put the brakes on the heat and whetted the appetite of the fish so much so that during the 72 hours our weighing teams recorded 532 catches. Competitors caught nearly 2.5 tons of fish in total. The heaviest sack of the competition was that of a French team: Their grass carp weighed an impressive 17 kilos. (Only 3 teams had no keepers.)


The French didn’t only catch the biggest fish, but also proved their mettle throughout the whole event: All their three teams finished among the first ten with Hennequin Tony and Perpillou Rem (C14) winning the competition with 158.840 gr of fish.


laudiu Lukacs and Nicu Dinescu, a Romanian team, came off second best, and Dalibor Banaj és Hrvoje Jakopčević, a Croatian duo won the bronze medal.


Among the Hungarian teams, Team Walterland - Maros Mix put in the best performance: Péter Roskó and Zoltán Gazdag came off second best in Sector B, where carps were fewer, but bigger, and finished in the fifth place.


We had the chance to talk to the competitors asking for their opinion about the lake and the organization and we were extremely happy to hear that they were complimentary about both. Those aspiring to triumph in the World Championship are looking forward to it with growing excitement and several of them are planning to come back to us in the coming weeks. Others are studying and exchanging their notes and experiences and trying to find out what technique might work for them.

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